Muslim Immigration


With the need for so many peace loving, Muslims taking refuge in countries other than their own, the world is changing en masse. Assimilating one culture into another, both of whom have deep roots and centuries long histories is proving to be a challenge.

Wherever we go we bring with us our cultural heritage in the form of perceptions, clothing, the food we prefer to eat and most importantly our religious beliefs. The Earth belongs to us all, but the planet has always been segregated into different countries and regions. This has been the history of the world since the beginning of time.

However, now more than ever before, we are put into positions as world citizens where we are asked to help the millions of refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries fleeing the oppression of radical extremist groups commandeering their homelands. Mosques are not as prevalent in Iceland as they may be in Turkey, but the roofing doesn’t matter as much as having a roof to be under, and many countries have opened their doors to those forced out of their homes.

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