Let me start off by clarifying that this is not the personal site of Muhammad Ali Hasan. I am just an observer and wanted to acknowledge the work he is doing in the United States on behalf of Muslim Americans. People are often afraid of what they don’t understand and Muhammad Ali Hasan is doing his best to clear up fears and misconceptions of what many believe the Muslim culture to be. From my experience many Americans do not understand the followers of Islam.

This site is about the everyday lives of those who choose to call themselves Muslim. What is their history and how willing are they to come into the world of today? Rooted deeply in their history, the modern day Muslim is still highly influenced by the past. Islam lives and breathes in an important segment of society. The millions of devotees plays a big part in the shaping of world events and attitudes.

The present day discrimination that exists in the US is based mostly on the attacks of 9/11, 2001. Although radically diverse, the 3 million Muslim Americans who had no sympathetic ties with the perpetrators were still held accountable in the eyes of many Americans. Whether the other 99% of American citizens were all aware of the prejudices fostered from 9/11, the blow was devastating, and a prevailing unrest arose.

The fear has spread because of the heinous ways we have witnessed radical Islamics’ portrayal of their faith. A small fraction of the Muslim world community is hell bent on keeping the equilibrium of the planet out of sync with the overall desires of those who want peace and freedom.

Believing the Qur’an to be the literal word of God, Muslims following Islam are bound to the interpretation verbatim. In an atmosphere of follow the leader, many Islamic people do not question their roots. There doesn’t appear to be any internal disagreements among followers, and dissent, if any, is not a discussion that outsiders have been privy to witnessing. If in fact there are those who have thoughts or feelings about the wrongdoings of their kinsmen, they seldom speak out against them.

I try shedding a little more light on the life of a Muslim in America with my articles. I believe that understanding is the bridge to tolerance and cooperation. Thank you for your readership.